Apple Music Play History Converter

Convert Apple Music play history to a format that's ready to import to Currently compatible with Universal Scrobbler.

Everything happens in your browser. None of your data leaves the page.

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Using the Converter

This converter takes an Apple Music CSV file and converts it using the Papa Parse JS Library. It will try to detect your file format based on the file name of your CSV. The output CSV will have each row in the format with no header row:

'{artist}', '{track}', '{album}', '{timestamp}', '{album artist}', '{duration}'

The tracks will be reverse timestamped based on their duration, ending with the current timestamp. If duration is not specified, a default track length of 3 minutes is assumed.

Input CSV

Select Apple Music CSV
Select File Type

Output CSV

Paste the output in the "Scrobble Manually in Bulk" section on Universal Scrobbler to scrobble your tracks.

Converted Data Preview

Get glimpse of your converted data to quickly verify the structure and content of the output.

Please note that the preview is limited to displaying only the initial 15 rows. Access the complete converted data in the "Output CSV".
Artist Track Album Timestamp Album Artist Duration